Our ultimate goal is education and research for the conservation and protection of ocean and its resources. Healthy aquatics is a 3600 sq ft aquarium specialty destination in Boynton Beach Florida. Our facility is designed for commercial aquaculture, research, aquarium fish and coral care with quarantined animals available for purchase, and marine science and aquarium science education programs. We offer interactive programs for groups of all ages both at the facility and as outreach. We have several classroom spaces and interactive aquarium displays for education in addition to lab grade diagnostics for research.

We offer high school and college level internship programs and work closely with local and national not for profit organizations that follow our philosophy of marine education and sustainability. Healthy Aquatics also has satellite locations in the Florida keys and in the Bahamas. These outposts serve as a staging areas for research and collecting utilizing Special Activities Licenses and permissions from the Bahamian minister of fisheries. 

To learn more about our internships and other opportunities email us at info@healthyaquatics.com.