Dr. Charlie Gregory is a specialized aquatics animal veterinarian and co-founder of Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute of Florida. He has worked as a professional for over a decade in the field of aquarium science and aquaculture. Dr. Gregory continues to develop his skills and has traveled to and collaborated with many of the world's major aquariums and marine science focused institutions. With his time off he enjoys diving, ecotourism, and bringing marine biology to local schools.



Dr. Ken Simmons is an accomplished veterinarian, teacher, business leader, and co-founder of Healthy Aquatics. He also founded the Simmons Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach and has pioneered animal housing and boarding strategies to maximize animal comfort and enrichment. Dr. Simmons now helps develop protocols for aquarium animal health and transport. Dr. Simmons serves as the chair of the board of Healthy Aquatics and in his spare time enjoys fishing and diving. He is also a licensed pilot and regularly travels throughout the southern United States and the Bahamas working with other veterinarians and aquarists.



Jamie Anderson's dual passions of education and conservation awareness has taken her all over Florida and the Bahamas, coordinating and managing programs in the non profit world for organizations such as The Pier Aquarium, Tampa Bay Watch, Biscayne Nature Center, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Whether teaching about endangered reefs, fringing mangrove and wetland ecosystems, or the cutting edge science of biomimicry, Anderson uses hands-on education with real world applications to build students’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Jamie holds a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Coastal Policy.




Nick MacMahon has a marine biology degree from Florida Atlantic University and has worked as an education specialist for several years. Nick oversees the aquarium science activities at Healthy Aquatics and is pursuing a masters degree at NOVA Southeastern University. In his spare time, Nick is also a professional high diver and enjoys flying drones and scuba diving.