Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute is interested in supporting our local aquarium industry to:

  • Increase awareness and excitement about the ocean
  • Lessen the impact and depletion of vital ocean resources by helping aquarists and our local community successfully keep and grow their aquarium livestock

In support of our education goals and activities, Healthy Aquatics scientists and veterinarians provide professional aquarium consultations and services to our local community including:

  • Aquacultured and sustainably maricultured select corals
  • Healthy, quarantined, and weaned (eating) select fish to local aquarists
  • Emergency veterinarian services for public and private aquariums
  • Permit preparations and health certificates for marine animals
  • Quarantine and prescription plans for public aquariums, aquarium service providers, and private aquarium owners.

All aquarium related activities support the
growth of our education and research programs.

To learn more about these aquarium services, such as fish medicine
 and how proper quarantine and handling can save you time, stress, and money
please contact Dr. Charles Gregory at