The Aquaponics Learning Lab has been designed by staff marine biologists, aquaculturists, and veterinarians to allow teachers to transform their classroom into kinesthetic learning experience for students. This enhances traditional physics, biology, chemistry, and ecology lecture based learning by placing tools, technology, and live organisms directly in the hands of the students. Merging the cutting edge sciences of aquaculture and hydroponics, this lab's multidisciplinary approach builds a teaching foundation for young students while also serving as an in-depth learning tool for more advanced students

 This unique educational module provides your students with the opportunity to actively participate in meaningful STEM based learning. The aquaponics system will serve as mini laboratory system in the classroom and will be maintained by Healthy Aquatics trained staff. Parameters such as growth and ecological interactions can be monitored throughout the school year by students. Up to 8 (1) hour lessons will be conducted throughout the school year by Healthy Aquatics staff using the living ecosystem as the model for learning.

 Supplementing your existing curriculum with our programs will improve ocean and environmental literacy to inspire students to seek careers in marine science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Allow your students to experience firsthand how the Aquaponics Learning Lab is a living breathing example of scientific principles in action!  

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