The following field trip programs are conducted at our main facility. Students will be introduced to the
mission of Healthy Aquatics Marine Institute as well as rotate through several interactive activity
stations located throughout our facility. Students will also learn to use scientific tools, enhance their
critical thinking skills, and as investigate current pressing environmental issues.
Each program lasts approximately one hour each and you may choose up to three programs in one day.
Programs can accommodate a maximum of 25 students and include 30 minutes for lunch as well as a
interactive fish encounter. Transportation and lunch must be arranged in advance and are the
responsibilities of the lead teacher and chaperons.
Group rate - $12.00 per student 
Scholarship programs arranged on a case by case basis. Max. of 40 students, min. of 10 students.
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Ask us about our individual rates for families and small groups!
Creature Corner: Invertebrate/ Vertebrate Laboratory (All Grades)
Roll up your sleeves and get up-close and personal with
the animals that live in our local waters. In this lab we
use hands-on animal encounters to give students a
chance to dive into scientific classification using their
powers of observation.
Squid Dissection (3-12 Grade)
Take a closer look at the world of mollusks! Students
work together in this squid lab to learn basic dissection 
techniques to investigate the anatomy of squid.
Water Quality Laboratory (6-12 Grade)
Excellent water quality is critical to the health of all
marine creatures. In this lab students will investigate the
physical and chemical properties of water and their
impact on marine life. Students will use tools and learn to
measure pH, temperature, salinity, and check other
parameters for impurities.
Biomimicry: Designed By Nature ( All Grades)
How does a nautilus regulate buoyancy? How does coral create
and capture food? Take this design challenge and create your own
invention to address critical sustainability issues with these nature 
inspired design solutions.


Venomous or Poisonous? (5-12 Grade)
Both venomous and poisonous animals produce toxins
that can be harmful or even lethal to another organism.
During this program, students will learn the difference as well
as how the toxins are delivered!
Sharks and Rays ( All Grades)
During the Sharks & Rays program students will explore the
biology of these amazing creatures and what sets them apart
from their other fish relatives. Students will also explore the
role of elasmobranchs in our oceans and how they can protect
these often misunderstood animals.
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